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Constantinian Charm Earrings

Constantinian Charm Earrings

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Fan-shaped earrings featuring an oval fusion tourmaline crystal, finished with gold plating.

With over 8,500 years of history, the ancient Constantinople is now Istanbul, the largest city in Turkey. Considered a World Heritage Site, the city offers a magical composition of two continents, two worlds: Europe and Asia, blending the classic and the contemporary with its enormous palaces adorned with precious stones and its gardens blooming year-round. We honor this imposing city in this collection, which features large stones in different shapes, in fusion tourmaline with pinkish details, bringing references to the history of the Arab peoples, who have a great passion for precious stones. We joyfully celebrate the return of festivities, something that is a part of the daily life of the people of this region.

Gold-plated fan-shaped earring with oval fusion tourmaline crystal, pink crystals, and white zirconias.

The base material consists of a metal alloy of copper and zinc and receives a gold plating. We also add a protective varnish that guarantees greater durability of the piece. Our pieces do not contain nickel in their composition, and we also use an anti-allergic layer.

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