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Golden Luster Earrings

Golden Luster Earrings

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Sleek, smooth-finished ear hook earrings adorned with a shell pearl and coated in gold plating.

Pearls have always been synonymous with sophistication and elegance. Made popular in fashion by Coco Chanel, they have become more democratic over the years and have taken on various applications. The classic accessory assumes an even broader versatility: from refined visuals to more relaxed and fun proposals, with colorful and iridescent pearls to create impactful looks. Evidence of this can be seen in the styles showcased at the latest Paris Fashion Week, both in the collections of international brands and in street style looks.

The ear hook earring is smooth, featuring a shell pearl and gold plating.

The base material consists of a metal alloy of copper and zinc and receives a gold bath. We also add a protective varnish that ensures greater durability of the piece. Our pieces do not contain nickel in their composition, and we also use an anti-allergic layer.

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