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Retro Azure Earrings

Retro Azure Earrings

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An ear hook earring featuring pave set details and a blue cabochon crystal, finished with gold plating.

Dew is the result of the condensation of water vapors in the air, forming droplets when they come into contact with surfaces. In Indian sacred scriptures, the dewdrop is a symbol of the Divine and carries the meaning of spiritual regeneration. The celestial dew of the Jews refers to life, and the lunar dew of the Chinese is associated with clarity of vision and the attainment of immortality. The charm of this collection lies in its delicacy, presented in pieces with gold plating, always featuring white zirconia settings and a turquoise cabochon in the shape of drops.

Ear hook earring with a blue drop-shaped cabochon crystal, and studded with round white zirconias, gold-plated.

The base material consists of a metal alloy of copper and zinc and receives a gold plating. We also add a protective varnish that guarantees greater durability of the piece. Our pieces do not contain nickel in their composition, and we also use an anti-allergic layer.

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