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Mother of Pearl Earrings

Mother of Pearl Earrings

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Curved ear cuff earrings featuring mother of pearl, finished with gold plating.

The name "margarida" comes from Latin and means "pearl". As this flower closes at night and opens during the day, its name in English, "daisy", is a contraction of the term "day's eye". The "missing" petals in this collection play with the French-origin game "love me, love me not", where a flower is de-petaled to find out if someone's suitor has affection for them. Such inspiration could only result in a collection as beautiful and full of meaning as DAISY, which features mother of pearl as the protagonist, in the shape of petals, with its center in fusion tourmaline crystal, offering sophistication and romance to compositions that dazzle the eyes.

Curved ear cuff earring in mother of pearl, with a fitting at the back, gold plated.

The base material consists of a metal alloy of copper and zinc and receives the plating. We also add a protective varnish that ensures greater durability of the piece. Our pieces do not contain nickel in their composition, and we also use an anti-allergic layer, reducing the chances of any reaction. 

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