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Vintage Allure Cuff Earrings

Vintage Allure Cuff Earrings

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Ear cuff earrings featuring an oval tourmaline crystal, finished with gold plating.

The "above the keyboard" visual trend that became strong in the last two years has led to pieces once considered too exuberant for everyday wear becoming essential items. Suitable for both daily wear and events, this trend explores romantic cinematic visuals combined with vintage influences and a dramatic, slightly retro ambiance. Jewelers are betting on large stones in various shades and organic draping.

This ear cuff earring features an oval tourmaline-colored crystal, round crystals, and zirconias, all in white. It has a pressure fitting at the back, gold-plated.

The base material is a metal alloy of copper and zinc, coated with gold. A protective varnish is also added to ensure greater durability of the piece. Our jewelry is nickel-free and includes an anti-allergic layer.

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